Posted by: Josey Lyne Payne, Esq. | April 7, 2009

Don’t Shop, Adopt!

Tuck & Layla aren’t just incredible sous chefs, they’re also a ton of fun and love all wrapped up in furry wiggling butts.  When we aren’t in the kitchen, we’re out, doing something, doing anything.  They’re the perfect excuse for a walk.  The perfect excuse for a car ride in the rain.  The perfect excuse to explore our beautiful New England beaches before the first of May, and after the first of September.  They’re the perfect substitute for a hot water bottle when you’re chilly.  They’re perfect body pillows.  They’re perfect home alarm systems.  They’re the best friends a girl could have.  Maybe you should consider making your life better by treating yourself to a boxer!  There are many waiting for a home just like your’s, and I promise, you’ll soon realize that you needed them, as much as they needed you!  Please help a boxer in need today, and visit:

Don't Shop, Adopt!

Don't Shop, Adopt!


The kitchen remained quiet today.  Quiet because we had life to contend with today.  School, errands, errands, errands, you get the idea.  Today the dogs didn’t even make it to a park.  The most they got was a few hours in the yard and a ride in the car. 

Poor, mistreated dogs you say?  Oh PLEASE!  These high-maintenance pooches have a more active social life than most people I know.  They frequent several parks, have play dates on a regular basis, and are even occasionally chauffered to Wendy’s where they order double stacks, no onions, to devour in the car on the ride home.

Since we didn’t hit the kitchen today, and I didn’t really have any culinary delight to blog about, I figured I would post a few links of Tuck’s & Layla’s favorite things!

Sharon Dog Park




Ames Nowell




Bare Cove


South Shore Dog Lover’s Pack Walk


My Boxer Buddies

My Boxer Buddies

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