Posted by: Josey Lyne Payne, Esq. | October 29, 2009

Cut-Out Ginger Gobblers – Holiday Baking

Taste Testers

Well, finally I got these cookies made.  Alyssa came over to the house and we made the cookies.  We’ve also already eaten a lot (too many).  We didn’t LOVE these, but they were tastey.  The lemon came through very strong, and the color wasn’t as deep as their molasses laden cousins – and we missed that.  That being said, the sous chefs were there, ready to taste test and they would disagree with my “only okay” evaluation –  They gave two tongues up!

The dough required 2 hours of chilling, and was quite easy to roll.  It made a lot of cookies, which is always nice.  I think these would be a little bit nicer with the addition of an icing.  Still, they were good, but not GOOD.

You can find the recipe here.

On a Roll

On a Roll

Making the Cut

Alyssa: Making the Cut

Bring on the Heat

Bring on the Heat

Layla patiently waits...

Layla (sous chef) waits patiently...kinda

Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle


The Cookie Jar







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