Posted by: Josey Lyne Payne, Esq. | November 9, 2009

Woulda Been Toll House Cookies

Tuck Lick

My Drin, who I love, dearly (repeat 10 times), eats my ingredients.  That’s right.  Ingredients.  A typical conversation in our kitchen often goes like this:

Me:  “I can’t find the chocolate chips.  They were right here.  I put them right there.”
Drin:  “They’re in my belly.” *smile*
Me:  “You ate the chocolate chips, again?” 
Drin:  “You didn’t hide them well enough.”
Me:  “My chocolate chips?  I didn’t hide the chocolate chips well enough?  Are you kidding?  They’re an ingredient.  Do I have to hide my ingredients?”
Drin:  “You know how I am.”

Did you notice the “again”?  That wasn’t a mistake.  No, not a typo.  This happens.  Often.  Even when I buy the big bag – the bag meant to make a double batch.  You know the bag I’m talking about.  Gone.  It’s frustrating.  I can no longer count on two hands how many times I’ve gone to make Toll House Cookies, one of Drin’s favorite treats, a treat that often results in cuddles and/or foot rubs for me, and was stopped short because he ate the chocolate chips.

Now, you may also have noticed that Drin suggests I hide them better.  I’ve tried.  He finds them.  Not by accident either.  He looks for them – literally seeks them out.  And when he finds them, they’re as good as gone.  “In my belly.” – he says.  These are not the only things I have to hide.  Candy to pass out at Halloween – hide.  Candy for the dishes when company is expected – hide.  Candy for stockings – hide.  It goes the same for cookies, squares (as long as they’re not lemon), pie, breads, muffins, cupcakes – pretty much anything sweet.  If I don’t hide it, and hide it well, it’s gone.  G. O. N. E.

So, since I can’t post about the Toll House Cookies I planned to make (and hoped for that rewarding footrub in return), I guess I’ll just post a few pictures of my babies.  Mostly because they make me even more happy than finding chocolate chips in the cabinet, right where I left them.

Gimme Kiss

Tuck & Ziggs

Layla & Ziggs

Cookie Monsters



  1. […] he’d only eaten 1/2 of the big ass family sized bag of Milk Chocolate Chips in the pantry.  This is a recurring problem at SoJo’s.  Yes, he eats my ingredients like my pantry is a candy dish.  It’s frustrating, […]

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