Posted by: Josey Lyne Payne, Esq. | November 23, 2009

Sometimes, It can’t be helped

I swear to you, swear it, cross my frickin heart even, I HAVE been in the kitchen – I’ve even photographed some – I just haven’t had time to post.  I know, I know – slacker.  But wait!  I’m not a slacker, I assure you.  Fact.

Today I fought the law and the law I won!  That’s right.  In your face Abington bitches!  Give me a ticket for speeding – who do you think you are!?!  I’ll keep my hundred bucks, thank you very much.  Props to Magistrate Credon – Santa will be coming to you, I’m sure.

Now, since Santa came up – what did you ask for this Christmas?  Santa should be swinging by my Court with a nice silver cape cod bracelet, a box to keep it in, Julia Child’s culinary text, some candle holders for ambience, and Drin.  That’s right, Drin will be home for Christmas!  How odd you may be saying – why wouldn’t Drin be home for Christmas – again, wonky law enforcement schedule (I hope the cop who TRIED to ticket me has to work on Christmas, too – AND it’s really frickin cold and the heater doesn’t work in his cruiser, just sayin’) that keeps the bear from home.  Not this year.  This year we’ll lay our heads down together and share sugarplums.  Awe.

Drin has requested a second batch of Grandma’s Soft Molasses for the open house we’re having.  These cookies, though delicious, are a pain to make.  They also create a pile of dirty dishes.  But they are good, and the bear loves them, so, they’ll be made, again.  I wonder if he’ll share?

Oh, you noticed that I metnioned an open house.  Yes, the second annual, in fact.  Though last year we called it a Christmutt party, as all of the sous chef’s friends were invited.  We got lucky and had frozen ground out back – this year we may not be so fortunate, so the dogs have been nixed – kinda.  If they happen to tag, they’re welcome.  Anyway – much food wil be prepared, eaten, and blogged about.  I swear.  Fact.


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