Posted by: Josey Lyne Payne, Esq. | March 15, 2010

A June Bride-smaid

Alisa is getting married!  Yay!

That means Alisa will be a Bride! Yay!

And Josey will be a Bridesmaid! Yay – Wait!

I need a dress.

I need shoes.

I need a clutch.

I need a Xanex.

Well, I got the dress – here it is:
(pretend I’m tall, and thin, and tone, and very very tanned)

I even got the shoes – here they are:
(no, you can’t borrow these.  ever.  don’t even ask)

Now I just need to find a clutch.  I have until June.  I should be okay.  Should.  Should.

I also need to make a mango curd, vanilla bean cake.
Which of the two do you think will happen first?

Oh, hair.
Oh, makeup.
Oh, me.
Oh, my.


  1. Me likey the shoes. I have a black Vera Bradley clutch you can borrow if you want.

    • I think I found a nice little sparkly one. I’ll let you know. Me really likey the shoes, too! Me lovey them, really.

  2. They’re definitely “wedding shoes”. I have been looking at some online today. I found a couple of prospects, but I need to double check the heel height of my boots. I’ll send pictures for approval of the ones that I like!

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