Posted by: Josey Lyne Payne, Esq. | June 9, 2010

The International Bill of Dog Rights

Every Dog Should Have Rights…

   1.  The Right to adequate shelter.
   2.  The Right to regular feedings and a healthy, well-balanced diet.
   3.  The Right to adequate bio breaks.
   4.  The Right to exercise – a daily walk or enough room to safely run free.
   5.  The Right to be part of a family.
   6.  The Right to proper supervision and protection, indoors and outdoors, on and off leash.
   7.  The right to basic training, indoors and outdoors – in order to cultivate manners appropriate to society.
   8.  The Right to healthy bonding with a caregiver, and other members of the caregiver’s social group.
   9.  The right to healthy bonding with other dogs.
10.  The right to medical care.

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